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every fucking day i have to see people celebrate their fucking birthday on facebook. [10 Nov 2010|10:08am]
so, you join facebook and at some point during that first year your date of birth passes. and you discover that facebook reminds your friends when your birthday is, and 150 of your so-called friends cover your "wall" with meaningless comments like "happy birthday" or some "clever" variant of "happy birthday". when this happens to you the first time, if you don't immediately remove your birthdate from your profile, you are a self-absorbed egotistical prick. end of story.
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dig this, sucka! [14 Oct 2010|08:38pm]
my friend mike sheahan did a remix of my song "mandarin". it is wicked sick. i think perhaps we need to make a record together.

Mandarin (Sm•th Remix) by Smˆth
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[28 Aug 2010|02:29am]
fed the meter at exactly 11:30. gave it 24 minutes. got a ticket at 11:54. fucking bullshit.
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[05 Aug 2010|10:38pm]
last weekend, we played our first show since i joined the band. it was... ok. i can't sing for shit. the thing is, i can sing, i just have a shitty voice. i thought when i joined this band that i'd contribute a lot and we'd be amazing. instead, i think i'm dragging them down. fuck.
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[04 Aug 2010|11:29pm]
i've been very much up for the last few days, maybe even weeks. i was very much down today. not good. anybody got some prozac or zoloft for me?
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[20 Jul 2010|04:54pm]
my good friend Lady Cannon is playing a free show at linneman's tonight. she's awesome. dig it!
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[19 Jul 2010|12:33am]
dig it!

our promo video. don't call it a music video.
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[18 Jul 2010|12:24pm]
Scott Lucas & the Married Men at linneman's. i actually hadn't heard them before friday night. they were really good though. reminiscent of fellow chicagoans Wilco. the no-neck meat-heads infiltrated the show, however. they were probably expecting him to play all local h stuff, or loud stuff similar to local h. they showed no signs of enjoying the show whatsoever until the band played "hey rita". ugh. stop throwing these chach-bags a bone, scott. but continue to play "high fivin' MF" at every local h show they attend. the irony of them singing along to every word is what makes life worth living.
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[16 Jul 2010|01:21am]
wow! Russian Circles was fucking rad. i may go down to chicago next month to see them at the metro. i just may.
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[12 Jul 2010|11:44pm]
yeah, i'm still just an emo kid.
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[11 Jul 2010|11:23pm]
so i guess whenever i'm winning an argument with someone via social-networking sites, the appropriate next response from the other party is always something along the lines of "oh yeah? well, at least i'm not a heroin addict". there ya go. thanks, brewers fans and dude in a shitty band that i didn't know was an fbook friend of my fbook friend.
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[08 Jul 2010|08:10am]
every time i hear someone say they're reading hunter thompson's "fear and loathing in las vegas", my first thought is, "oh, i get it. you do drugs and this is the only book you've ever heard of". my second thought is, "god damn it, people are fucking dumb".
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[07 Jul 2010|11:40am]
we made a promo video for the song we intend to use as our first single. check it out.
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[07 Jul 2010|01:47am]
license plate spotted in wfb/shorewood today: PSY DOC. psychiatrist or gynecologist?
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[06 Jul 2010|10:44am]
as my grandfather might say, "she was a few bricks short of a load". or, "a few sandwiches short of a picnic".
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[05 Jul 2010|07:16pm]
i disapprove of the state of wisconsin's illegalization of smoking. i also disapprove of killing puppies. therefore, if you approve of the smoking ban, you approve of killing puppies.
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[02 Jul 2010|02:22am]
i don't want to sound pretentious here, but being smart -- or educated -- can be a curse. maybe it's just me, but it really bothers me how dumb some people are. ...i should say "most people". or maybe it's just my generation in this case. a facebook group called "TATTOO acceptence [sic] in the workplace"?!? really? the misspelling of "acceptance" isn't even what bothers me about it. what bothers me is first of all, how popular this group is and second, that these people just can't understand that having a bunch of visible tattoos looks unprofessional. did you idiots ever consider, i dunno, not getting tattoos on your fucking face in the first place? i hope this doesn't turn out to be my generation's civil rights movement. "we want equality for people that permanently and voluntarily fucked up their own bodies". when you made a decision to carve a flaming dragon skull on the back of your hand, something that you can't even read in japanese on your neck and a "tribal" design covering the entirety of both of your forearms, you waived your right to whine about being turned down for an office job that pays more than the fast food jobs that you can still get hired for. by the way, you appear to be a suburban white american. exactly what "tribe" are you from?

behold, some of the dumb comments on this group's page (my commentary in italics):
"self expression most definitely should not be a punitive act." i agree. but being a conformo with zero creativity and a bunch of tattoos that you picked out of a tattoo book should.
"unless its [sic] shitty ink. then its [sic] unecceptable [sic]" i believe the correct spelling is "unnexceptible".
"I would be happy to say I worked at a daycare with a semi-visable [sic] tattoo without complaint" not a conditional sentence. it just ends there.
" I'm working in a school at the moment, it's SO sunny and hot at the moment and I'd give anything to wear a skirt or shorts, but can't because of my tattoo :-(" and whose fault is it that you have your fucking tattoo in the first place?

also, i think the word "tat" and all of its derivations sound stupid. and when people use those words, i want to punch them in mouth.
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[01 Jul 2010|09:43am]
attention, idiots. the word is "drivel", not "dribble". therefore, the term "mindless dribble" makes no sense whatsoever.
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[27 Jun 2010|05:15pm]
apparently i've recently lost 10 of the 15 pounds that i had gained when i got sober. oops.
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[20 Jun 2010|10:41pm]
i'm sick of having ex-girlfriends. and i'm really sick of having ex-girlfriends who still hang out with the people i hang out with.
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